The lakes

The lakes of Kovácshida

The lakes are located in the Ormánság area, 4 kilometres from Harkány, just after Kovácshida. The 3 lakes have a total water surface of 30 hectares. The three waters nearly form a circle, among which one can find some really romantic spots, like the new lake, the so-called “Új tó”, whose depth reaches five meters in several places!

The lakes abound in introduced fish. The fish most favoured by anglers include the carp (lake record: 20.2 kg), the grass carp (lake record: 23 kg), the pike-perch (lake record: 4.5 kg), the catfish (lake record: 64 kg) and the pike (lake record: 9.5 kg), but crucian carp is also worth a try. Angling lasts from sunrise to sundown, guest anglers can fish with a day ticket. Day tickets can be purchased at the lake guard, one can then take away 2 high quality fish (carp, pike, pike-perch, grass carp, bream, catfish) of which one can be predatory fish + 3 kg other fish. Size limit for takeaway carp is 60 cm. The fish does not have to be paid for. One can rent a boat for a whole day or half a day. Statute of the fishing association forbids rolling. On the lakeshore, one can find a buffet open all day. Cooking is permitted in certain spots, marked in this sense. The guest house includes a WC and provides hand washing opportunities. Flora: water lilies, reed; On the shore: soft wood groves.

Matty Lake and Hotedra Lake

Matty is a rural community located near the southern border of Baranya county, by the river Drava. Its surroundings are extremely rich in the givens of nature. This place feels like paradise for those interested in fishing and hunting. The outskirts of the village are washed by two natural lakes: the Matty Lake and the backwaters of the river Drava, both of which provide excellent fishing opportunities. The backwaters of the river Drava, close to Matty village maintained the harmony of ancient aquatic life untouched. The two lakes are not far from each other, one can find a fishermen’s cottage and a buffet on the lakeshore.

Just opposite the lake, amid a superb natural environment, one can find the family-run Lantos Equestrian Cottage, including a pension and a restaurant, and offering horse riding and promenading opportunities. Almost all domestic animals can be found here, providing a wonderful environment for relaxation for those who wish to spend some time in rural environment.

The area has much to offer to hikers, as well. Just outside the village, tempting woodlands and a nature reservation await those who wish to hike. A unique spot -almost unprecedented in Europe – is the Memorial Park for Birds, situated on the plain near Matty, where wooden headboards have been erected to commemorate all bird species already extinct in Hungary, hosting in this unspoilt natural environment some bird dens, as well. All these can be found alongside the so-called “Három folyó” (meaning: “Three rivers”) hiking route.