The name Harkány presumably comes from the name of Horka (harka), the son of Töhötöm, and was first mentioned in a document dated back in 1323 as Nagh Harkan. The Thermal Spa and the Bath has a history of 180 years and has become a world-famous holiday resort.

Its special medicinal water with its sulphide and trace elements contents provides effective help to the treatment for all types of musculoskeletal diseases, as well as gynaecological and stomach problems and psoriasis, not only in the form of bathing, but also as mud pack and drinking cure.

The Thermal Spa and Bath of Harkány offers a water surface of 7,600 square metres, a leisure area of 5,000 square metres, 3 thermal and 5 bath pools for those wishing to bath and heal.

The Thermal Spa and Bath of Harkány is a real family bath resort. It also fulfils the needs of those wishing to relax and amuse themselves with its bathing pools, its 13.5 hectare park, the covered leisure places and the slide park with seven elements means a real adventure for children.

The prestigious events of the town and the bath offer quality relaxation to both Hungarian and foreign visitors and all age groups throughout the year.

Events recurring every year: the „Devil Drive Out Day” (at the end of February), the cultural meeting of southern Transdanubia German minority groups, erection of the maypole, the dancing-out of the maypole, the Pentecost festival, the bath festival (in June), „Long Weekend in Harkány” (in August), the vintage festival.

Every weekend from June till September programmes and balls are organised on the open-air stage.

  • Catholic church and church garden: the passion of Jesus was made of vitreous enamel by László Morvai can be seen on the exterior wall of the church built in the 1990s. The vitreous enamel stations continue in the church garden and present the outstanding events and persons of Hungarian history.
  • Calvinistic church: it is to be found in the Kossuth Lajos street parallel to the Thermal Spa and Bath. The church was built in 1802 and it is under monument protection.
  • Calvinistic church in Terehegy: the church was built in 1798 and is to be found in Terehegy, on a little hill.
  • Zsigmondy promenade and park: the park is situated to the south from the Thermal Spa and Bath. Several fine art works and comfortable benches are waiting for the guests.
  • Harka fountain: the fountain what was established in 2000 and is to be found in the old park. The valuable Zsolnay fountain illustrates the legend of the thermal water in Harkány.
  • Fountain with the orb: the Millennium Fountain stands in front of the Town Hall and is the masterpiece of László Vajda and Tamás Kammerer.
  • Bath and Thermal Spa: In an old park of 13.5 hectares, a water surface of 7,600 square metres, 5,000 square metres of leisure area, 3 thermal and 5 bath pools are awaiting the guests.
  • Pál Futó Museum: It is a permanent exhibition of multidimensional works and in the gallery there is an exhibition of contemporary artists changing every month.