Medicinal course

The spa has an independent section run by highly qualified experts. The spa provides treatments for more than 800 guests. The numbers of guests receiving treatments were more than 160,000 last year. We emphasize the importance of the professional usage of physicotherapy equipments, combine their use with medical treatment if indicated.

Lymphdrainage -a special massage for people with lymphoedema in the limbs, caused by the malfunctioning of the lymphatic system. There is a possibility to successfully cure the lymphoedema by using this special massage technique.

Medical massage – which ensures the circulation of blood in the muscles and at the same time increases the muscular tension in inert muscles thus helping the transportation of the mediators which cause the inflammation. The effectiveness of this treatment increases to a large extent if applied together with special medical gymnastics. This medical treatment could be applied without any medical examination.
Underwater spout – massage – is available to heal injured muscles of the body – preceded by a doctor’s examination. The water spout aided massage can also be used without any medical evaluation.

Effervescent bath – the carbon dioxide in the medicinal water increases the peripheral circulation. We recommend the effervescent bath to guests suffering from heart or circulatory problems since they cannot use the warm bath.

Peat treatment – utilizes the benefits of the active heat while enabling the skin to effectively absorb the active biological substances, e.g. strong anti-inflammatory agents from the peat. Our treatment uses sterile peat sopped with medical water. We apply the peat packed in filters which makes the treatment comfortable.
Medical gymnastic – The symptoms of different locomotor disorders can be alleviated by using medical gymnastics. This treatment is guided by specialists. Another feature of this service is that our guests are taught by the specialists to perform these exercises at home.

Electrotherapy – is designed for curing all kinds of locomotor and rheumatic diseases. The cures of ultrasound, TENS, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis and stimulation help to increase the patient’s vigour and reduces the pain. The doctors of the spa will recommend the best possible treatment for you.

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