Using several decades worth of experience at the Harkány medicinal spa hospital and the renowned beneficial effects of the Harkány medicinal waters, we provide a full range of rehabilitative gynaecological, physical and balneotherapy treatments for patients coming to us with the following problems:

  • Infertility of unknown origin
  • Chronic inflammations of and adhesions in the lesser pelvis
  • Symptoms caused by endometriosis
  • The need for rehabilitation after gynaecological surgery
  • Disorders caused by menopause
  • Rehabilitation of ‘pelvipathia vegetativa’ and other disorders accompanied by chronic abdominal pain

We employ the following gynaecological treatments in our hospital:

  • Balneotherapy with medicinal waters
  • Abdominal mud pack treatments – utilizing mud from Héviz mixed with Harkány medicinal waters
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Physical therapy

Following gynaecological, laboratory and ultrasound examinations the treatment generally takes three weeks. In the case of accompanying rheumatologic disorders additional treatments may be recommended by rheumatologists or doctors specializing in rehabilitation.

The gynaecological treatments have provided 636 encouraging results according to our research. A survey showed that following a three week course of therapy with Harkány medicinal waters and accompanying physical therapy, in the case of primary infertility of unknown origin 37%, and in so-called secondary infertility – where after an earlier successful pregnancy they were unable to conceive again – 52% had pregnancy within one year. Child bearing resulted in 80% of these pregnancies.

Similar success can be achieved with numerous chronic inflammatory gynaecological disorders as well; for patients with inflammation who took part in balneotherapy treatments 40% were healed and 42% saw long-term improvement. This unique gift of nature has delivered lasting success when employed for the treatment of other gynaecological pathologies as well, for example everyday pain accompanying endometriosis, which significantly impacts quality of life and fertility, and adhesions following surgery. The spring water with its significant dissolved mineral content and the other accompanying physical therapy treatments, such as combining the use of Hévíz mud containing phytoestrogens and women’s exercise, resulted in a particular significant improvement in menopausal pathologies.

We track the effectiveness of the comprehensive treatments again, in part through the opinions of the patients themselves, and in part through conditions assessments based on objective diagnoses – utilizing abdominal palpation and ultrasound – performed by specialists in gynecology. Based on the levels of a visual analog scale (VAS) before the course of treatment, after the course of treatment and then 3 months later, it can be determined that the rehabilitative treatments in this comprehensive manner achieved an improvement of more than six levels on average. These numerical values faithfully reflect the accounts of satisfied patients.

On the basis of controlled clinical trials performed on large numbers of patients recently, the Harkány spring waters also received an official certification as “medicinal waters” for the aforementioned gynecological pathologies.